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DM 6100

Product Detail

Product Advantages

BLDC core motor technology

Bldc Core Motor Technology

Apogee HVLS Fan adopts BLDC motor technology, 20 years of permanent magnet brushless synchronous motor technology, and experience based on finite element analysis and self-developed permanent magnet motor and simulation technology. Motor optimization design, optimized production, and high-reliability motor.

Life Time

HVLS fan motor is replaced from the traditional reducer to the newly developed permanent magnet brushless motor, which saves the loss caused by the friction between the gear and the reducer and has a longer service life. The fully enclosed design reduces the erosion of the motor by dust, water vapor and some corrosive gases. Secondly, strict quality management coupled with international-class quality product components and raw materials ensure that the service life of the product is as long as 15 years.

Life time
Energy saving

Energy Saving

PMSM technology, unique outer rotor high-torque design, eliminates the frictional energy consumption of gear reduction box compared to traditional reducer, directly uses permanent magnet direct drive system, no reduction box, reduces loss, saves 50% energy compared to induction motor ceiling fans with the same function. The input power per hour is only 1.1 kW, which can drive the fan to achieve large-scale air supply and save energy.

Stepless Speed Regulation

Apogee PMSM (Permanent magnet synchronous motor) technology has a wide speed regulation range. The DM-6100 series products have a speed between 10rpm and 70rpm, high-speed cooling (70rpm), and low-speed ventilation (10rpm) to meet the needs of different applications. The ceiling fan can run at low speed for a long-time during operation. No motor temperature rise noise, the whole process of the ceiling fan operation temperature rises vibration detection, safe and reliable.

Stepless speed regulation

Installation Condition


We have experienced technical team, and we will provide professional technical service including measurement and installation.

1. From blades to floor > 3m
2. From blades to barriers (crane) > 0.4m
3. From blades to barriers (column/light) > 0.3m

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