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DM 5500

Product Detail

Product Advantages

Stepless speed regulation

Wide Speed Range

DM-5500 series HVLS FAN can run at a maximum speed of 80rpm and a minimum of 10rpm. The high speed (80rpm) enhances the air convection in the application site. The rotation of the fan blades drives the indoor air flow, and the comfortable natural wind-generated helps the evaporation of sweat on the surface of the human body to achieve cooling, low-speed operation, and low air volume to achieve the effect of ventilation and fresh air.

More Lighter More Safer

Apogee DM series products use a permanent magnet brushless motor, and adopt an external rotor high torque design, compared with traditional asynchronous motor, there is no gear and reduction box, the weight is reduced by 60 kg, and it is lighter. Using the principle of electromagnetic induction, the double-bearing transmission is completely sealed, and the motor is truly maintenance-free and safer.

Life time
Easy Clean and Maintanence

Maintenance Free Without Gear

The traditional reducer type ceiling fan needs to replace the lubricating oil regularly, and the gear friction will increase the loss, while the DM-5500 series adopts PMSM motor, adopts the principle of electromagnetic induction, double bearing transmission design, completely sealed, no need to replace lubricating oil, gears and other accessories, truly make the motor maintenance-free.

Very Quiet 38dB

PMSM motor technology has no noise pollution caused by gear friction, has a lower noise level, and is very quiet, making the noise index of fan operation as low as 38dB.


Installation Condition


We have experienced technical team, and we will provide professional technical service including measurement and installation.

1. From blades to floor > 3m
2. From blades to barriers (crane) > 0.4m
3. From blades to barriers (column/light) > 0.3m

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