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DM 7300

Product Detail

Product Advantages

High efficiency

High Efficiency

Our hvls ceiling fans with PMSM motors can achieve maximum energy saving on the premise of ensuring maximum air volume; our permanent magnet motors have reached the IE4 energy efficiency certification standard (national first-level energy consumption standard), with strong power, stable performance, and high efficiency and energy saving.

Big Coverage Area

Apogee unique streamlined fan blade design eliminates most of the drag and most efficiently converts electrical energy into aerodynamic energy. The super energy-saving fan will push the airflow to the ground first, forming an airflow layer of 1-3 meters on the ground, thus forming a large coverage area beyond the area below the fan. In an open and unobstructed place, a fan can even cover a large area of 1500 square meters.

Big coverage area
Easy Clean and Maintanence

Easy Clean And Maintanence

Ordinary fans work at 50HZ, rotating speed 1400rpm, high-speed fan blades rub against the air, take away static electricity, absorb dust in the air, and increase the difficulty of fan cleaning, while Apogee permanent magnet industrial fans run at low speed, reducing fan blades and air. Friction reduces the amount of dust adsorption, easy to maintain and clean, and also prevents the possibility of damage to the motor due to dust intrusion.

Nature Breeze

The comfort brought by the large energy-saving fan is completely different from other fans. Under the large energy-saving fan, you can feel the natural breeze around you, so that the entire body is covered by the airflow and evaporation area of the fan, so that the sweat evaporation area can be maximized, form a breeze system that resembles nature, gentle and comfortable.

Natural breeze

Installation Condition


We have experienced technical team, and we will provide professional technical service including measurement and installation.

1. From blades to floor > 3m
2. From blades to barriers (crane) > 0.4m
3. From blades to barriers (column/light) > 0.3m

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