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DM 3600

Product Detail

Product Advantages

Permanent Magnet BLDC motor

Permanent Magnet BLDC Motor

Apogee independently developed the permanent magnet direct drive patented external rotor motor. It adopts SKF double bearing design, which is safe and reliable. The ultra-large torque design provides stronger and more stable driving force. It customizes high-performance magnetic steel and does not demagnetize to ensure that the motor operates well.

Intelligent Touch Panel

The patented touch screen control panel can display the operating status of the ceiling fan in real time. Through timing, temperature sensing, and pre-defining the operation plan, the fan operation can improve the environment while minimizing the cost of use. At the same time, the touch screen control method is simple and convenient, which greatly improves the modernization of the factory. Smart management.

Intelligent touch panel
Direct drive Stable running

Direct Drive Stable Running

DM series adopts permanent magnet direct drive system outer rotor high torque design. Compared with the loss caused by gear and acceleration box in a traditional reducer, the direct drive system saves the loss caused by friction, and the operation is more stable.

360 Degree Full Area Coverage

DM series HVLS FAN during the operation of the fan, the large air volume is generated by the rotation of the fan blades, which can effectively promote a large amount of air flow, so that the air movement reaches the floor and bounces to both sides, so that the space forms a circulating air field.

360 degree full area coverage

Installation Condition


We have experienced technical team, and we will provide professional technical service including measurement and installation.

1. From blades to floor > 3m
2. From blades to barriers (crane) > 0.4m
3. From blades to barriers (column/light) > 0.3m

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