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Smart Control – AEXP, SCC Series

  • Touch Screen
  • Wireless Central Control
  • 30+ in One
  • 7 inch Display

    Product Detail

    AEXP-Touch Screen Control Panel

    The ceiling fan uses a customized controller, and the touch screen interface displays the fan operation data in real time, which is convenient for monitoring and can be quickly adjusted according to the needs. The operation is simple, convenient and fast. It is convenient for visual function adjustment, one-key ceiling fan speed adjustment, forward and reverse switching. The controller system is equipped with intelligent protection for overvoltage, undervoltage, overtemperature, overcurrent, phase loss, and vibration. If the fan is abnormal during operation, the system will shut down the fan in time.

    Smart control

    ● High-quality electronic components, strict quality and safety testing.

    ● Hardware detection of ceiling fan operation status, full real-time safety protection.

    ● Touch screen control, real-time display of the operating status, one-button speed adjustment, forward and reverse.

    ● Comprehensive hardware and software safety protection-overvoltage, under voltage, overcurrent, temperature, phase loss protection, collision protection.

    SCC-Wireless Central Control


    Intelligent ceiling fan management, a single intelligent centralized controller can control the operation of multiple fans at one time, which is convenient for daily management and control.

    Intelligent control includes ceiling fan control, remote control, automatic control, customized control of temperature and humidity, and big data control.

    ● Through timing and temperature sensing, the operation plan is pre-defined.

    ● While improving the environment, minimize the cost of electricity.

    ● Use the touch screen to realize the control, simple and convenient, which greatly improves the modern intelligent management of the factory.

    ● SCC intelligent control can be customized according to the customer’s factory intelligent management.



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