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Imagine working in front of rows of parts to be assembled in a semi-closed or fully open workshop, but you are hot, your body is sweating constantly, and the surrounding noise and sweltering environment make you feel irritable, it is difficult to concentrate and work efficiency becomes low. Yes, the best way is to cool down at this time, but in a semi-enclosed or fully open space, the use of air conditioners is expensive, and the use of floor fans makes the wires all over the floor unsafe.

A large industrial hvls fan, yes, it is not only energy efficient but also effective.

Advantages of Workshop HVLS Fans

Ultra-large energy-saving workshop hvls fans are significantly different from traditional industrial fans. Traditional industrial fans rely on high speed to generate wind, while ultra-large energy-saving workshop hvls fans use high air volume and low speed. The super-large energy-saving workshop hvls fan is designed by applying aerodynamic principles and using advanced technology to manufacture linear fan blades. It uses the rotation of large-diameter fan blades to push a huge amount of air to the ground, thereby forming a certain height of airflow layer on the ground and running along the surrounding, to promote the circulation of airflow in the space; its characteristics of low speed, low energy consumption, high air volume, and large coverage create a soft and comfortable effect similar to natural wind in a tall space.

Large diameter is one of the characteristics of super energy-saving fans. The huge size and unique airfoil design can circulate more air to large spaces.

Why do workshops need HVLS Fans?

The weather is gradually getting hotter, the production environment of the workshop is gradually becoming uncomfortable, and the internal heat is accumulated. At this time, if there is no effective ventilation or cooling measures, the employees will be sweating constantly because of the heat, which will increase the fatigue of the body, and the behavior will gradually increase. Slow down, and employees’ work efficiency will drop when they feel the discomfort caused by the high temperature environment. For most businesses, the cost of using air conditioners in the workshop is too high, and oversized energy-saving fans are a good choice. A fan with a diameter of 7.3 meters, the maximum speed is 60 rpm, the air volume can reach 14989m³/min, and the input power is only 1.25KW. Workshop hvls fans have enough power to circulate air in large spaces such as workshops, which small fans cannot do. The natural breeze generated by the operation of the super energy-saving workshop hvls fan blows the human body in a three-dimensional manner, which promotes the evaporation of sweat and takes away the heat, and the cooling feeling can reach 5-8 ℃. Saving the company tens of thousands of dollars a year, increasing productivity and reducing energy costs.

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Industrial large fans are highly installed products, safety and reliability are very important, so it is very important to choose the right manufacturer.

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Post time: Sep-16-2022