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Industrial Ceiling Fan


In recent years, industrial large fans have been known and installed by more and more people, so what are the advantages of industrial HVLS Fan?

Large coverage area

Different from traditional wall-mounted fans and floor-mounted industrial fans, the large diameter of permanent magnet industrial ceiling fans can reach 7.3 meters, the coverage of the wind is wider, and the air circulation is smoother. In addition, the airflow structure of the fan is also different from the ordinary small fan. The coverage of the small fan is limited and can only cover the diameter of the fan, while the large industrial HVLS Fan first pushes the airflow vertically to the ground, and then forms a 1-3-meter-high airflow layer forms a large coverage area under the fan. In an open place, a large industrial HVLS Fan with a diameter of 7.3 meters can even cover a large area of ​​1500 square meters.

Comfortable natural wind

The large industrial ceiling fan has the characteristics of large air volume and low speed, which makes the wind delivered by the fan soft, giving people a feeling of being in nature. The airflow movement makes the human body feel the three-dimensional breeze from all directions, which makes the sweat evaporate and take away the heat., to bring coolness to people. However, the traditional high-speed fan has to be placed close to the human body due to its limited coverage, and the excessively high wind speed also brings discomfort to people while cooling. Apogeefans has obtained through various tests that the wind speed of 1-3 m/s is the best wind speed felt by the human body. Apogeefans provides stepless speed regulation, and customers can choose the best wind speed according to the needs of various places.

Long lasting

Apogeefans adopts permanent magnet brushless motor technology, which is independently designed and developed by the company’s R&D team and has obtained relevant patent certificates, and its quality is guaranteed. And the biggest feature of permanent magnet brushless motor is high efficiency, energy saving, maintenance-free, no wear caused by gear rotation, and longer service life. In terms of product production, we have strict quality management, and product components and raw materials are also of international quality, enhancing customer experience and ensuring product service life of 15 years.

Easy to clean and maintain

Ordinary industrial fans run at a speed of 1400 rpm at a power frequency of 50HZ. The high-speed fan blades and the air rub against each other, so that the fan blades are electrostatically charged, and the fine dust in the air of the daughter-in-law makes the fan blades difficult to clean and may block the motor., affecting the normal use of the product. The low-speed operation of Apogeefans products greatly reduces the friction between the fan blades and the air, and reduces the adsorption capacity of returning to the city. At the same time, the surface of the fan blades of the product is treated with complex technology, which is easy to clean and maintain.

Post time: Aug-10-2022