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Apogee Fans used in each and every applications, verified by market and customers.

IE4 Permanent Magnet Motor, Smart Center Control help you saving energy 50%...


Combined with Air Conditioner

DM Series Recommend

Very quiet 38dB

In Gym, install a HVLS fan looks modern and popular, help you to attract more business!

Give you some suggestion to select right model:

1. Fan Size:

If the height is above 6m, suggest to use 7.3m big size.

If the height is not so high, you can consider 3.6m~5.5m size.

2.DM Series:

It’s commercial environment requires quietness, DM Series is recommended. Because of the direct drive design, it’s very quiet only 38dB. Without the mechanical noise with gear drive type.

3.Energy Saving

When you exercise, It’s not good in a very low temperature environment. It’s better to open the air conditioner at 26℃ and combined with HVLS Fan, it’s healthy for you and most energy saving.