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Apogee Fans used in each and every applications, verified by market and customers.

IE4 Permanent Magnet Motor, Smart Center Control help you saving energy 50%...


Height: 12m

Length: 192m

Width: 24m x 4

Fan Qty: 32 sets

This is a new manufacturing site,  total area is about 20000 square meters,  after installing 32sets 7.3M HVLS Fan, The breeze is all over the factory, workers are happy and says : "it truly improved our environment, our efficiency improved a lot with good mood, wherever and  whenever you go in the factory, the breeze will come with us, it’s really good !"

This is the magic power of HVLS fan, it comfort the workers and solved the cooling and ventilation problems in Summer, it’s also an energy saving product, only 1kw/hour! 

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